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Meet The Founder 

Sheena Smith

   First impressions are lasting. Upon meeting Sheena Smith, the first thing you will see is a work of art. From her hair to her toes, you see that she believes that art is not only a concept but a way of life. Sheena began designing nails at the age of 15. While in high school, she designed her friends’ and family’s nails on a regular basis, which assisted her in crafting her own style of nail artistry. Upon graduating from Mergenthaler Vocational High School, Sheena was licensed as a nail technician at the age of 18.

   Her career as a nail technician was a job that she enjoyed at the beginning. However, she never realized that it started to become a therapeutic outlet for her during the most stressful moments in her life ranging from the death of her mother to being a single parent of two. During those difficult times, Sheena would often say this about her career choice, “Nails are a creative outlet for me…it’s a stress reliever.”

   After working for various local nail salons, Sheena felt caged in by what the owners believed were “industry standard” nail designs. Taking all of the things that she learned through her years of working at other salons, Sheena had a passion to develop a creative environment for nail technicians in the area. From that passion, she became one of the founders of Treasure Nothing Better Nail Studio.

   At Treasure Nothing Better, Sheena has developed a creative and educational environment where nail technicians are able to feel that the sky is the limit to design nails with endless possibilities. Sheena has worked with several nail technicians in the DMV area. One of the things that she tells her new technicians is that they not only create unique nail art but nail masterpieces.

   In the studio, Sheena wears multiple hats ranging from owner to instructor. While wearing multiple hats, she attempts to motivate her staff to innovate the nail industry. To achieve that goal, she believes there must be extensive staff training. This is why from Treasure Nothing Better Nail Studio, the Glam Nail Boutique was born.

   Teaching is a true passion of Sheena’s as she is known to say that teaching makes her heart sing. She adds, “There’s no greater joy than to see a new nail technician go from novice to veteran based on the techniques I have inspired, as well as taught.” She firmly believes that one of her greatest accomplishments in life is to see participants whom she has taught leave her studio and open their own businesses. While many may see this as a negative aspect of the business,    

   Sheena sees it as a testament to her ability to teach, as well as proof of why she opened an institute that will allow her to share her gifts. Sheena’s work has been featured in Nail Art Gallery Magazine and Nails Magazine. She is also the celebrity nail technician to Lil’ Mo.

Nail Techs,

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