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Learn Proven Techniques on 

'How To Become A Nail Boss'

Welcome from Instagram! Below you'll find my limited course bundle link that includes a 30 minute consultation with me. This I can't wait to chat with you! This only available until 

Monday July 5, 11:59pm​ EST 

How To Become A Nail Boss


w/ limited time 30 minute consultation 

This offer has already been offered to those subscribed to my newsletter with only 10 available consultation spots, so don't wait!


“I don’t have much of a business yet. Should I wait until I’ve got more experience?”

Yes! It will probably benefit you more so because you won’t have to unlearn any techniques that don’t work. The best way to learn quickly is to learn from an expert who has proven techniques

“I’m a seasoned nail tech, will this course still be beneficial to me?”

Absolutely! There is always an advantage to learning others techniques in order to better your own

“What if I already know most everything you’re going to teach?”

Well then you probably already have booked out clients but if you’re unsure in any way then I encourage you to get the course and see for yourself. We usually always learn something new through someone else's eyes.

“Will this help me if I don’t have any clients yet?”

Yes it will! In fact this will help you to make sure your skills are up to par to keep the clients that you will soon have coming to you on a regular basis.

“I’m strapped right now. Is there a payment plan?”

Right now there isn’t a payment plan but I assure you that if you’re committed to your nail journey then you will make back the investment of $200. The gems you learn will help you gain confidence in your skills and you will attract what you need to make back your money and then some.

“Can you remind me of the details/features?”

||| FAST-ACTION BONUS ||| Buy the course by Monday July 5, 11:59pm EST for the limited discount rate and you’ll get a 30 min video consultation call with me. We can talk about your goals, specific skills you’re working on, or any questions you have while taking the course. This is only available to 10 course purchasers

||| CERTIFICATE ||| You will receive a certificate at the end of completing the course

||| SUBTITLES ||| This can help improve learning and understanding making it even more accessible to all

||| INTRO VIDEOS TO EACH CLASS ||| I will be showing my face in each intro video to give you the needed encouragement to continue in your journey and finish the course strong so you can take the skills and progress even further!

||| LIFETIME ACCESS ||| Yup you read that right, I want you to be able to go back whenever you need to! This is a huge plus since it is a self-paced course that drips the content out to you as you finish each class.

“Do I get a refund if I don’t like it?”

No I don’t, given the digital nature of the course but I’d never want you to be unhappy with the course so email me in the first 30 days and we’ll make things right. 

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