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Glam Nail Boutique in Rosedale, Maryland provides a home for licensed nail technicians and cosmetologist. 

We are a nail salon suite that gives all of our employees an​ opportunity to become their own boss.

Besides providing top of the line service, we offer premium-grade products. 

With our assortment of foot spa and nail art items, you can now pamper your client’s hands and

 feet through a hygienic manicure and pedicure service.

My name is Sheena, I've been licensed in the nail industry for over 20 years and have had the privilege to teach many nail techs in my 1:1 courses the skills to be sought after nail techs.

From the basics (full sets and fill-ins), nail art classes (encapsulated full sets and 3D nail art), to advanced classes (how to master your own nails and bridging beauty with business).

I've been blessed to work on celebrity clients and be the nail technician for rapper/actress Lil' Mo. The skills I've acquired have even landed me in Nail Art Gallery Magazine and Nails Magazine.

Passing on my knowledge and skills to other nail techs through teaching is my passion! Learn more here.


The Glam Nail Boutique's mission is to provide individuals

 with comprehensive education about nail art so they can provide outstanding 

cosmetology and aesthetician services to their respective employers.

Nail Techs,

Want to know how to Master Nail Designs on your own nails?

This step by step E-Book & Video Guide is perfect for you nail technicians who want to gain the skills to do your own nails like a master. 

Make your nails the canvas for your business and skills! This will walk you through the process of each step on how to re-balance your nails and keep them looking fresh. 


"Everything That Glitters and Sparkles Can Fit On a Nail"

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